Unblock your Creative Mojo

Unlock your creative potential in one of our CREATE workshops.  Our teachers specialise in unblocking and enhancing creative process in all arenas.  Join us to understand your creative energy and the relationship your creativity has to your wellness, your thriving, your joy and more.  
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Make your creativity the positive catalyst for all the changes you want to make in your life.
Francine Marie Theilen

“Join us on this transformative journey where your soul meets your creativity and inspiration becomes a way life"

Francine Marie Theilen DIrector of SOulhouse's energy awareness DEPARTMENT
What you will learn 
Key Skills
  • Enhance and clarify your unique creative process
  • Protect your creative sanctuary  
  • Master focused and effective visualization
  • Discover your inner visionary
  • Find your joy keys
  • Fne tune your purpose
  • Reconnect to infinite inspiration
  • Destroy blocks and fears
  • Gain insight and clarity
Creative Intuition Lab
 Creative Intuition Training comes with its very own hands on Creative Intuition Lab session. 

This a monthly session that can be attended within the free the Inner Courtyard membership that is part of your course.  Sessions can be attended live or DIY, at your own pace.

The fun LAB sessions include themes like Your Wild Soul Story, Creative Joy, The Grimoire,  Luminarium Journeys and other treats to bring out the magic and connection of creative expression. 
  • Guided Meditation
  • Visualisation Training
  • Worksheets
  • Creative Writing 
  • Imagination Training
  • Short and Medium length practices
  • Group discussion
  • PDF Workbook to accompany your training
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