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Everyday Self Kindness

8 Mini classes including Meditations to help you to upgrade your self care and self love.
by Michelle Mikkelsen 
Self Paced
6 months access
8 Audio Tracks (MP3)
8 x 20 minutes
8 x 20 minutes 
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What you are going to learn

Everyday Self-Kindness

Self-affinity, self-care and self-kindness can be among the most difficult habits and practices to build.  Self love is important, essential and much deserved.  Soulhouse is proud to offer you Michelle Mikkelsen's unique approach to self-kindness.  She brings you simple meditations, thoughtful insights, invitations to laugh, and much more. Michelle has really lived, mothered, adventured, travelled, faced huge challenges and overcome them gracefully and with a beautiful smiling heart intact.  She is a much loved and dear friend, who I can personally vouch for as an incredibly strong and loving woman with a very soft touch.  Sometimes the most powerful messages are delivered in all simplicity, down to earth, back to basics and connected with nature.  You will not regret time spent on these 8 audio tracks.  I hope you enjoy them, a little more kindness to self has never hurt!
with love,
Sabrina Siobhan, founder of Soulhouse

Course Content: 8 x 20 minute audio tracks:

Everyday Self Kindness is created by and taught by Michelle Mikkelsen, Certified Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and much more.  Please visit our Soulhouse Team page to know more about Michelle.
To be beautiful means to be yourself..You don't need to be accepted by others, you need to accept yourself.
Thich Nhat Hanh
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