Presence Training : Level 1
Building the Architecture of your Presence 

Welcome to Soulhouse's core curriculum for building an unshakable sense of self.
Starting date
Self Paced
Access - 3 months
3 x €65 per month

Presence Training 

Presence Training is our core curriculum.  This course is for enrolled students or students who prefer self paced learning.  We suggest the pace of one lesson per 5-7 days to give you time to integrate the concepts and allow the shifts in your mind, body and energy.  Lessons consist of worksheets, Meditations, Energy Practices, Visualisations, Breathing & Body Awareness. Read more here..

“ Create space for your soul's authentic presence"

Sabrina Siobhan, Founder of the Soulhouse School

Presence Training  - Concepts

This course offers you the 7 core principles of Presence Training which help you to build an unshakeable sense of self, to know your heart, to take steps and make decisions which help you to create an authentic path and life you love.

The Core Principles:

  1. Assemble yourself in the Present Moment
  2. Get Grounded, Establish your Strong Foundation
  3. Create Space, Be Home in your Body, Clear Boundaries 
  4. Connect with your Heart's Intelligence 
  5. Establish Wholeness - Integrity
  6. Choose your Context Consciously
  7. Know and Create the Path Ahead

Training these 7 principles will allow you to apply them in all situations.  With practice you will automatically apply them and find decision making easy, having rewired your mind, body, heart, energy connection. 

Course Lessons

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