Creative Vision to Action 

Are you ready for next level creative idea generation, authentic aligned strategy building, creating at the energetic level & team support?

Power up your Conscious Creativity

The Creative Vision to Action Club is a membership you can join which offers powerful tools for unblocking, liberating your creative energy and taking effective action steps to achieve the results you want. We work with performers, educators and entrepreneurs who want to achieve aligned creative goals in full alignment with their authentic purpose, optimum wellness, and intended outcome.  Let your work be driven by energetic consciousness, and real envisioning skills.

The CVA Club holds space for individual sessions, dynamic group exchange, training, breakthrough sessions and constructive accountability.  Join us and gain the skills, team and support you deserve! 

CVA combines unique processes for gaining clarity, mastering the technique of focusing your energy and mind in order to achieve your goals. In CVA You will learn next level Envisioning and Quantum Creative Intelligence so that you can design your creation effortlessly and uniquely.

CVA Components:

Each CVA Level has it's own collection of components which you can read about here.  Main classes will be on two Sundays of the month to accommodate time zone differences. 

Presence Training
Our Core Curriculum

  • Meditation & Mindset training
  • Present Moment Training
  • Gaining & Creating Clarity
  • Understanding Energy 
  • Body Wellness
  • Self Affinity
  • Your place in the bigger picture

  • Building Self Confidence
  • Defining your mission 
  • Decision Making Skills

Intuition, Abundance & Manifesting

  • Intuition Training
  • Energy Awareness
  • Principles of Energy
  • Awakening the 6th Chakra & Third Eye
  • Rewiring the mind & body for Authenticity & Presence
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Authentic Abundance
  • Envisioning Power
  • Energetic Creative Process 
  • Conscious Manifesting

Mastermind : 

Mastermind, a sequence of group classes  which include planning your vision and taking action in a validating non-competitive environment.. Accountability, goal tracking and support within a group of like minded creative people. Access to group level intelligence & body of wisdom, our Soulhouse partners & our Soulhouse Network.  
Main classes one or two Sundays a month to accommodate timezone differences.

Individual Sessions

One to one two hour sessions with Sabrina or one of our Soulhouse team members .  A session will be the relevant combination of qualified energy reading, creative process guidance, personal development work and goal setting.  All sessions are designed to help you to break through your limits and reach your highest potential. Sessions range from 60 minutes to 2.5 hours. CVA ++ members have priority for scheduling 1:1 sessions.  Fast Track creative process is possible and available where relevant.

Digital School & Resources 

Personal login and access to recordings of workshops, classes, meditation compilations, energy awareness tools, journeys and much more.

How does it work?

Our CVA Club membership begins in May 2023. There will be a selection of live classes every month which, depending on which membership level you chose, will be freely available to you.  Recordings will be available for the days you can't attend.  

Club members have access to the Soulhouse Resource Library of  recorded workshops, energy practices, courses and meditations.  You can start at any time from April 2023.

Your membership lasts for 12 months.  The month of August (2023) will usually be self paced learning to allow vacation time.  All other months include live online sessions.

Please use our sign up button below to reserve your place by sending us an email.  Invoices in your company name can be requested.  

You are welcome to bring your team to develop your team's synergy, vision and strategy.

CVA - Club

  • Certified Presence Training Level 1 (7 live workshops 90 minutes) 

  • 1 monthly live group energy clearing session with Q&A - 60 minutes
  • 1 deep dive monthly workshop (90 minutes - Live online)
  • Membership to - Soulhouse Energy & Presence (Audio Tracks for self paced work)

Membership fee:

€125 per month - commitment of 12 months OR
€1000 annual fee due upon registration - individuals
€5000 annual fee - Team of 7

*Refundable for 15 days minus administration fee of €50

CVA Club Mastermind

  • All components of CVA Club
  • Certified Presence Training Levels 1-4 (28 x 90 minute live group classes)
  • Mastermind group
    for your specific goals 10 x 2 hour group sessions with Sabrina Siobhan & Partners - Max 10 people
  • Access to Soulhouse Archives (Digital Resources, Audio Tracks and Workshops)

    Membership Fee CVA +
    €200 /month commitment of 12 months
    €2600 / *one off payment due by Jan 10th 2022 
    *Fully refundable until Jan 30th

    CVA Club ++

    CVA ++ includes:
    • All components of Club CVA, CVA Club Mastermind and Personal 1:1 sessions outlined below.
    • *5 x 2 hour personalised 1:1 sessions with Sabrina Siobhan annually focused on the subject of your specific goal - this maybe personal or the development of your business.  

    Membership Fee CVA ++

    €4000 due upon registration
    €380 monthly - 12 month commitment
    Refundable for 30 days minus €50 administration fee

    CVA Club ++ members have priority booking for 1:1 sessions 
    In order to guarantee time, connection and energy there are only 6 x CVA ++ candidate slots available per year.  Write to [email protected] to express your interest.

    Kind words from our students

    I have had the pleasure to work with Sabrina for quite a few years now, and she simply shines. She is a wonderful, intuitive and inspired teacher. I truly admire the way that she creatively blends intuition and consciousness with creativity and play. For her students, the result is a space of learning that is fun, open, full of color and life and possibility.

    C. Hollingsworth

    I participated in one of Sabrina’s workshops, with a very enjoyable group of around 10 people. Sabrina used a wide variety of methods to shake us up, instill confidence, and inspire us. I feel we reached the right levels of challenge/anxiety, trust and comfort, all at the same time. We worked on clarifying our goals, channeling the energy to go after them, and committing to enjoying the journey. It’s still a journey each of us has to make on our own, but it’s great to have a coach like Sabrina to help you start the change, and keep moving.

    P. deVroe
     I joined a Soulhouse Abundance & Manifesting group to become more aligned with my intuition and get more clarity as to what I want to create and share in this world. I really enjoyed meeting everyone in the group and having this safe space to talk and share our experiences and struggles. Her meditations were very helpful in relaxing and just being present which I often struggle with.

    • Access deeper levels of intuition
    • Connect with your creative intelligence
    • Reach new levels of idea generation
    • Understand Consciousness
    • Learn techniques to free the power of your third eye 
    • Envision powerfully
    • Own the seat of your imagination
    • Learn a new creative process

    • Maintain a high level of Energy
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • Align your personal and professional mission
    • Prioritise Optimum Wellness

    • Breakthrough Creative Action.
    • Exceed your own expectations
    • Work with the Law of Attraction
    • Learn the Principles of Abundance
    Benefit from:
    • Our group dynamic
    • Our Private resource library
    • Group classes
    • Exclusive 1:1 sessions
    • Q&A time
    CVA is a method created by  Sabrina Siobhan founder of Soulhouse.  CVA brings her skills and expertise in design and creative process from architecture, art, entrepreneurship, education, energy awareness and envisioning mastery.
    The Creative Vision to Action Method © All rights reserved Sabrina Siobhan Rohbock
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