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The future and digital education are already here. Let’s work together to create the best possible combination of multicultural global access, connection, and positive physical wellbeing.

We work with primary and secondary schools, universities and all higher levels of education.

Soulhouse for young people

In today’s digital world, our young people’s attention is constantly solicited, and directed out into a 'cyber-universe', and it is more important than ever to build an authentic sense of self, and to feel whole and home in the body in the present moment. 

Soulhouse is a modern school dedicated to personal development and self-knowledge through presence training and creative action. Our mission is for integrity, conscious awareness, personal purpose and creative confidence to become essential, fundamental subjects within education at all levels.

For students

  • Online workshops and workbooks
  • Digital library of resources
  • Unique curriculum

For parents

  • Live Workshops and courses in your location
  • Self-paced learning courses
  • Online talks

For teachers

  • Certification for teachers
  • Unique curriculum
  • Online Talks
Our mission is to empower and equip people of all ages with the self-confidence to choose with certainty, express themselves authentically, and create their own path – allowing them to contribute proactively to their chosen environment. 


Soulhouse curriculum

Our unique curriculum is dedicated to the building of self, and the liberation of inspired creativity. The Soulhouse Method for Presence is delivered in 2 levels, each containing the foundational 7 Core Principles.

Presence Training can be adapted to the classroom within the contexts of different subjects. Our curriculum is not only offered live, it is also available our digital school as a resource schools, parents and teachers can draw upon 24/7. Soulhouse offers certification for teachers who would like to have the Presence Training skill set for their classroom or subject.

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  • Soulhouse Curriculum and Training for Schools
  • Soulhouse Curriculum and Training for Higher Education
  • Soulhouse Performance, Innovation, Creative Process

The Power of Presence: Professional development

Soulhouse Presence Training gives teachers, counsellors, and coaches mindfulness & meditation tools & practices, tools for focusing concentration, managing energy, confidence building and self-development.  Participants learn a transformative life skills skillset that is not only for personal development, but can also be directly applied in the moment with pupils. The Soulhouse online community and digital resources are available to support teachers for personal use, or for use in the class room.  Please contact our education liason Andrea Sealy for tailor-made training for your team at [email protected]

Youth with Confidence & Purpose 

The Power of Presence curriculum is brought to children in different age appropriate formats.  For 7 – 11 year olds we offer I am Present, Earth Care and The Happy Classroom. Our Breaking through Limits Mentorship program, and our Happy Healthy Confident Teens Program for to 11-19 year olds is offered live in your school, or in our online classroom. All our workshops and courses provide digital resources that can be used by students and teachers in the Soulhouse Digital School. Please contact our education liason Andrea Sealy for tailor-made training for your team at [email protected]

Soulhouse Creatives & Future Thinkers

Soulhouse Future Thinkers combines Presence Training with Envisioning and Creative Process. We bring the tools of Mindfulness, Energy Awareness and Envisioning Training to Innovative Design Process.  Soulhouse Future Thinkers is a foundational course for future Performers, Creatives, Designers, Innovators.  Ideal for provoking thought, for testing the waters of a creative path, and for seriously finding your voice and building components of your portfolio for application to higher education.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.
Course leader / education liason

Andrea Sealy

Andrea is a multicultural soul, international mother of two with roots in Venezuela, Brazil and America. Andrea achieved her MBA from Brazil’s top Business Administration School - FGV - and a career in Banking, after which she became an international traveller with her family - living and having their children educated in America, Brazil, and France.

Andrea is the Soulhouse Business Director, up and coming Soulhouse Teacher, Author of Children’s Books and is passionate about helping adults and children live in synergy with others in the unique and ever changing world.

Please feel free to reach out to her with your queries, you will be in capable hands wherever you are in the world: [email protected]
The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn’t need to be reformed — it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.

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Talks, Events & Workshops

Our founder and teachers give interactive talks or worksop series on subjects within Soulhouse’s dedicated expertise:
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  • How to create an environment that fosters holistic wellbeing and creativity.
  • Meditation, Self Knowledge, Creativity and Productivity.
  • Stress management – the purpose and benefits of meditation.
  • Why yoga and meditation in Schools?

  • The importance and relevance of Self Knowledge. 
  • The Power of Presence.
  • Creating Synergy / Defining your vision as a group, class or team.
  • Imagination, participation and creative learning.
  • Changemakers of the Future.

  • Breaking through limits 

  • Transitioning to the Teen years
Talks and workshops are available online or live in your location.
To book your interactive talk or worksop series please contact our Education Liason Andrea Sealy: [email protected]

For Higher Education & Universities

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