In today’s digital world, our young people’s attention is constantly solicited, and directed out into a 'cyber-universe' and a world of projected images. It is essential to build an authentic sense of self, and to feel whole and home in the body in the present moment. 

Soulhouse for young people

Soulhouse is a modern school dedicated to personal development and self-knowledge through presence training and creative action. Our mission is for integrity, conscious awareness, personal purpose and creative confidence to become essential, fundamental subjects within education at all levels.  We have created Presence Training - core curriculum which guides students to Build The Architecture of their Presence and develop an unshakeable sense of self.

For students

  • Presence Training
  • Online & Live Workshops & Classes
  • Digital Meditation Lounges

For parents

  • Workshops
  • Self-paced learning courses
  • Online talks

For teachers

  • Presence Training: Certification for teachers  
  • Digitally accessible curriculum 
  • Tailor-made digital resources 
Our mission is to empower and equip people of all ages with the self-confidence to choose with certainty, express themselves authentically, and create their own path – allowing them to contribute proactively to their chosen environment. 

How Soulhouse curriculum is delivered

Our unique curriculum is dedicated to the building of self, and the liberation of inspired confident creativity. The Soulhouse Method for Presence is delivered in 2 levels, each containing the foundational 7 Core Principles.

Presence Training can be adapted as an independent subject in the classroom or within the contexts of different subjects.

Soulhouse and partners have expertise within:
  • Movement
  • Professional Boxing
  • Drama & Performance
  • Design, Architectural Design & Digital Design
  • Innovation & Creative Process
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Envisioning
  • Imagination Training
  • Creative Writing & Communication
  • Energy Awareness 

    Our curriculum is not only offered online and/or live, it is also available in our digital school as a resource schools, parents and teachers can draw upon 24/7. We build
    tailor made digital rooms for your specifically assembled content - your branding, for your school community.
    Soulhouse offers certification for teachers who would like to have the Presence Training skill set for their classroom or subject.

    Email [email protected] to request more information
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    Soulhouse for Schools

    A strong sense of self liberates the intelligent and creative imagination that is innate to all children enabling true learning and innovation.  Our young people are being bombarded 24/7 by images created by others.  It is our imperative duty to hold the space for them to build a strong ability to create their own images, to access their own imaginations easily and powerfully create and generate their own innovative concepts and pictures.  Images are the first spark in the creative process, our method protects and nutures the place of ideas giving young people a doorway inwards they can treasure forever. 
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    The Power of Presence: Professional development

    Soulhouse Presence Training gives teachers, counsellors, and coaches tools & practices, for being fully present with their students.  Participants learn a transformative life skills skillset that is not only for personal development, but can also be directly applied in the moment with pupils.
    Soulhouse Curriculum spans Yoga for Presence, Meditation, Envisioning, Creative Process and next level Energy Awareness.
    The Soulhouse online community and digital resources are available to support teachers for personal use, or for use in the class room.  

    Youth with Confidence & Purpose 

    The Power of Presence curriculum is brought to young people in different age appropriate formats.  Our Breaking through Limits Mentorship program, and our Presence Training is offered live in your school, or in our online classroom. This can be presented as an independent module or as a complementary aspect within Physical Education, Social Health/Mental Wellness and any subject to do with self development.  All our workshops and courses provide digital resources that can be used by students and teachers in the Soulhouse Digital School. 

    Soulhouse Creatives & Future Thinkers

    Soulhouse Future Thinkers combines Presence Training - The Building of Self - with Envisioning & Creative Process. We bring the tools of Consciousness, Presence and Envisioning to Innovative Design Process.  Our unique methods stem from the world of performance, architecture & design and self development process with Soulhouse.  Soulhouse Future Thinkers is a foundational course for future Thought Leaders, Influencers, Performers, Creatives, Designers, Innovators and Entrepreneurs.  Ideal for provoking thought, for testing the waters of a creative path, for finding your voice and building components of your portfolio or entrepreneurial vision.  We see empowering youth for Creativity and Innovation as a way to building a better world.  

    The Soulhouse Method

    The Soulhouse Method is unique in the sense that it combines energy and body awareness,  meditation and mindfulness, personal development, finding authenticity, purpose and path and much more.  The aim of Soulhouse Curriculum is for the students to discover all layers and levels of intelligence in order to harness their full potential and create all and any experience they desire to have.
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    The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn’t need to be reformed — it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.

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    Talks, Events & Workshops

    Our founder and teachers give interactive talks or worksop series on subjects within Soulhouse’s dedicated expertise:
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    • How to create an environment that fosters holistic wellbeing and creativity.
    • Meditation, Self Knowledge, Creativity and Productivity.
    • Stress management – the purpose and benefits of meditation.
    • Why Yoga and Meditation in Schools?

    • The importance and relevance of Self Knowledge. 
    • The Power of Presence.
    • Creating Synergy / Defining your vision as a group, class or team.
    • Imagination, participation and creative learning.
    • Changemakers of the Future.

    • Breaking through limits 

    • Transitioning to the Teen years
    Talks and workshops are available online or live in your location.
    To book your interactive talk or worksop series please contact [email protected]

    We work with Higher Education & Universities

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