Speaking Your Truth 

This is a transformational workshop that guides you on a healing journey towards authenticity in your relationship and communication with yourself and with others.  How we feel about ourself is the starting point from which we experience and interact with the world.  Change begins with our relationship with our inner being and whole self.

The Soulhouse Method gently guides you to clear, unblock and re-wire or re-connect  the relationships between your mind, body, heart and energetic being.

This workshop's  journeys are processes which guide you to connect with and to clear your female space, your heart space, and your fifth chakra - your communication space.  

This 2 part workshop was recorded live for a group of *women.  It consists of 2 x 30 minute energy healing journeys. (* the biological female body is referred to - ovaries, uterus, the female space)  You can purchase this course independently or become a member of The Inner Courtyard Membership and have access to workshops which rotate monthly.

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“Consciously inhabit your body, tune into your body's amazing intelligence and communication, hear your heart's wishes and wisdom, fill your life with your amazing presence"

Sabrina Siobhan, Founder of the Soulhouse School
Our experiences become stories that are written into our bodies, and influence the way we think, the way we navigate, react and make decisions. Our stories can become so embedded into our being that we think we are those stories and series of experiences.  The Soulhouse Method helps us to understand that we can be the authors of our own experience.  We can choose to become more conscious of our layers, to heal and release step by step that which causes us to feel separate from our whole and ancient being. 
With the support of a community and a healthy dynamic you can create the present and future that validates your authentic truth.  You can heal and rewire your mind and body so that it is safe and empowering to be fully present in all moments.  
Authentic communication with yourself is the first step, communication with others then becomes natural and flows easily, and often wordlessly.  

Kind words from our students

I have had the pleasure to work with Sabrina for quite a few years now, and she simply shines. She is a wonderful, intuitive and inspired teacher. I truly admire the way that she creatively blends intuition and consciousness with creativity and play. For her students, the result is a space of learning that is fun, open, full of colour and life and possibility. 
Red Sage Acupuncture
Sabrina introduced me to meditation in a way where I was the protagonist of what I wanted to experience. Her guidance is purposeful, supportive and always inspiring. She believes that we are in charge of our life and that in order to fully explore our potential, we need to look within! While facing our deepest challenges, we can also become aware of our power and immense potential. Sabrina gives you many tools to work with your own energy in order to create what you never thought possible! You will be amazed to discover all your most hidden desires and you will learn how to use your own energy to work towards the life that YOU want.
Sabrina Siobhan has an ability to perceive and articulate very complex aspects of my creative energy and purpose, and to do so with great clarity and depth.  This perspective has been most helpful at increasing my awareness, presence and focus so that I am better able to create the outcomes I desire in many areas of life. I have benefited from and enjoyed my interactions with her and her work.

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