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Our mission is to empower your presence and help you confidently create a path you love

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Soulhouse is all about The Power of Presence.   We work with individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders, businesses and educators who want to have authentic presence, the power to influence their environment positively and next level creativity.   Soulhouse was founded by Sabrina Siobhan, creator of The Soulhouse Method for Presence.  Our unique Method for Presence combines Meditation, Energy Awareness, Consciousness and Creative Process.  If you are blocked, want to clarify your mission or just looking for that tiny shift that will become your quantum leap - join or book one of our talks, courses or workshops.   Gain unique and powerful skills, to grow, to discover, to achieve your highest potential and live an authentic, fulfilled life.

Upcoming courses & events
Presence Training January 2023:
Beginners Meditation, Body & Energy Awareness in Level 1 Presence Training.  
Registration opes soon.

CVA Club starts January 2023
Creative Vision to Action Club & Mastermind Monthly Membership including Presence Training starts in January 2023 info to come!
Allow your life, your work, your business be a joyful successful path that energizes you and brings you into authentic powerful presence.
Sabrina Siobhan



A journey to Powerful Presence taught by Sabrina Siobhan, founder of Soulhouse.  This is a course that will teach you real embodiment - how to focus your mind, increase your intution, help you to understand and use energy awareness is, hear your body's communication and follow your heart's wisdom.  There is real power in your energetic presence.  Life is even more than we think it is, join us and gain certainty of your intuition, your creative potential and your influence.  Join our newsletter and book a connection call to hear how you and your team can train with us.  


Join us to be supported in taking your idea or vision to the next level – definition, visibility and manifestation. Our next round of our unique Creative Vision to Action Membership starts this January 2023.  

To apply please book a connection call for a non binding conversation.


Write us an email letting us know where you and your team are, and what kind of meditation training or level you are at.  We offer you or your team a carefully selected compilation of meditations in a secure digital room with personal logins.  Your digital meditation lounge will be accessible by phone or computer at your convenience as long as you have an internet connection.  


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I have a whole world inside myself that now I am aware of. It’s like getting a new tool to my toolbox that helps me deal with the outside world and the relations that come with it. Now I know I have an inner space that is mine and only mine.

P. b. copenhagen

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