Presence Training
Core Practices
Build the Architecture of Presence

Presence Training core practices help you to build the "Architecture" of your Presence.  The Soulhouse Method for Presence combines Meditation, Visualization, Body Awareness & Energy Consciousness in a totally unique way that lead to a strong sense of Embodiment.   
Starting date
6 months Access
Intermediate Level
 € 240 

Course structure
what is Soulhouse Meditation
  • Easy
  • Effective
  • Doesn't require Fitness or Flexibility
  • Unique
  • Won't ask you to empty your mind
  • Teaches you to be aware of your energy
  • Gets you in touch with your body's messaging
  • Gives you access to your heart's intelligence
  • Guides you to confidently taking decisions aligned with your heart, mind and body.
All Soulhouse Meditations are created with awareness of energy and takes the practitioner and student step by step through experiences which allow them to trust  their own perception of their energy.  Where your attention goes, your energy flows - is one of the central principles of energy our meditation will teach you to master.  The regular practice of Soulhouse Meditations will give you tools that give you a real consciousness of how and where you use your energy.
Benefits of Meditation
  • Meditation guided by recordings in the digital library.
  • Contemplation through Journaling, Worksheets and Creative Activities.

“Rewire your mind and body and come fully into the present moment. Connect with your heart, find your answers easily, build powerful presence"

Sabrina Siobhan, Founder of the Soulhouse School

Benefits of building your daily practice

We know now that how and what we think affects our physical and emotional health.  There is no longer any doubt that stress - arising from negative thinking, can cause illness.  What is conversely true is that positive thoughts, positive self image, an open creative mind, and a body that feels accepted and confident, will create good health and positive energy.  The Presence Training Core Practices are created to help you to create excellent habits and patterns that build a strong foundation for presence, good health and positive flowing energy.  We recommend beginners to start with the shorter practices and progress to the longer ones.  The range from 5min - 30 minutes.

We recommend:

  • Committing to a daily practice
  • Entering your moment for presence into your agenda.
  • A comfortable chair
  • A positive and fun frame of mind, out of judgement or expectations.

This collection contains:

  • 7 x 10-20 minute weekly meditations 
  • 7 Work-sheets
  • The mini E-book Soulhouse's 7 principles of Presence
  • 24 x Bonus Tracks from Soulhouse's collections

When you register & pay:

  • You will pay through a secure payment gateway 
  • You will receive a login
  • You will receive 5 months access 

Kind words from our students

I have had the pleasure to work with Sabrina for quite a few years now, and she simply shines. She is a wonderful, intuitive and inspired teacher. I truly admire the way that she creatively blends intuition and consciousness with creativity and play. For her students, the result is a space of learning that is fun, open, full of colour and life and possibility. 
Red Sage Acupuncture
Sabrina introduced me to meditation in a way where I was the protagonist of what I wanted to experience. Her guidance is purposeful, supportive and always inspiring. She believes that we are in charge of our life and that in order to fully explore our potential, we need to look within! While facing our deepest challenges, we can also become aware of our power and immense potential. Sabrina gives you many tools to work with your own energy in order to create what you never thought possible! You will be amazed to discover all your most hidden desires and you will learn how to use your own energy to work towards the life that YOU want.
Sabrina Siobhan has an ability to perceive and articulate very complex aspects of my creative energy and purpose, and to do so with great clarity and depth.  This perspective has been most helpful at increasing my awareness, presence and focus so that I am better able to create the outcomes I desire in many areas of life. I have benefited from and enjoyed my interactions with her and her work.

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