Soulhouse is a school of Presence, Performance & Conscious Creativity offering talks, workshops and courses to students and change makers online and live anywhere in the world.

About Soulhouse

Soulhouse is an educational space with partners who share a life philosophy, vision and mission who come together to co-create, share knowledge, skills and education.

At Soulhouse, we believe that presence, creativity and conscious intention have the power to catalyse deep, meaningful change and to unite us across all borders and cultural definitions. 

Our Values
We are committed to Empathy, Integrity, Awareness, Conscious Creative Intention and Human Connection.

Our Intentions
We aim to bring Self Knowledge, Energy Awareness, Presence Building, Conscious Creativity, Connection & Entrepreneurship into focus as essential life skills for health, wellness, joy and life fulfillment.

Our Curriculum
Our groundbreaking combination of Presence Training, Intuitive Energy Awareness and Creative Presence is the culmination of decades of research and experience – bringing powerful methods, skills and processes to those who are ready to commit to their personal purpose and to co-creating a better world.

The Soulhouse Method

The Soulhouse Method for Presence guides people to embody their energy, be centered, build a deep sense of integrity, aligning their personal truth, energy and conscious intention with their actions and life plan.

Frequently asked questions

What tools are taught at Soulhouse?

We teach Meditation, Mindfulness, Energy Awareness tools, Intuitive Skills, Envisioning Skills, Creative Process, Entrepreneurship as a path to self development and Cross Disciplinary Creative Practice.

How can I study with Soulhouse?

You can attend our classes live, or online depending on the training you select and the country and timezone you are in. The CVA (Creative Vision to Action) memberships offer a continuous digital learning experience delivered to you in our digital library and online space that you can access at your convenience from anywhere in the world.  

Does Soulhouse offer Certification?

Yes we do.  We offer various lengths of training for teachers, coaches, health and wellness professionals and leaders. For information please email

What are the pre-requisites for training?

Beginners may start with Meditation & Energy Awareness for Beginners, Presence Training, or any of our digital beginners meditation lounges and courses.

Where can I find Soulhouse?

Our classes and workshops are delivered live, online and in our digital school.  Live in person classes currently run in the Alpes Maritime Region in The South of France but can be offered in your location upon request.

How can I book a Soulhouse Talk for my organisation?

Book a complimentary call. Talks can be delivered online, or live.

What can Soulhouse offer Educational Institutions?

We offer personalised branded digital rooms with resources for learning - audio, PDF worksheets and videos.   Live classes in your location, online training.  For educational institutions we offer tailor made proposals combining a range of training for teachers, the parent and the student bodies.
Our Unique method....

The Soulhouse Method

The Soulhouse Method is a unique cross disciplinary method that is applied for the purpose of building solid presence, tapping into your authentic source of idea generation and creativity and bringing that flow to creative expression through a well founded, fluid, expressive body.  We believe in creative expression as a method of self knowledge, self development and spiritual evolution.  
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