The Inner Courtyard Membership

Our online membership offers you 4 live online classes per month.  If you cannot attend, you have access to recordings of the classes.

Classes offered monthly include Presence Workshops , Presence for Men, "Embody" classes for women, and Intuitive Creativity for women and men.  All classes are led by a professionally qualified, experienced teacher.

The Soulhouse Method for Presence combines meditation and awareness of energy, intuition training and flow in your creativity.

Building your presence and awareness of self can build your self confidence and help you to make clear and aligned decisions easily.  You will improve your ability to focus your creative energy and manifest your goals.

A year's membership in The Inner Courtyard includes:



(more than 20+ hours of recordings: Details below)

You can listen to our digital collections 24/7 from your smartphone or computer. Detailed information on each collection can be found below.  A membership offers multiple logins for family members. For new members, we are currently offering a free trial until March 31st.   Please see below for details.


The Inner Courtyard Membership

Your membership includes:

4 live online classes monthly 
(schedule above)

All classes are taught by an experienced teacher live.
 Small classes are guaranteed.  All classes are recorded and made available to you in our digital collection.

Unlimited access to recorded meditations

Our digital collection of recorded meditations will be available to you 24/7, accessible as long as you are connected to the internet.
Your starting point will be having access to 61 tracks you and your family can enjoy.  As your membership progresses, recordings of classes will be added, as well as new recordings in each collection. 

Scroll down to see which collections are included.

If you are a new student you can sign up you with this coupon: FREE-TRIAL and you will have free access till March 31st 2024.

if you are a company, school, hospital or team leader please write to [email protected] for a tailor-made solution.

Live Classes included in this membership:

With this membership you will have access to 4 x live classes with an experienced teacher per month.  You can see the details below.  All classes are recorded, and you will have access to class recordings for the duration of your membership.


Once monthly Meditation and Energy Awareness Class for men. Tools to reset, recharge and recalibrate the mind & body. Detailed information here.
All classes are recorded and are accessible with your membership login.


Monthly sessions for women's bodies and wellbeing ranging from yoga, meditation, mindset training and more. (scheduled content coming soon)
All classes are recorded and are accessible with your membership login.


A monthly workshop that teaches the powerful basics of being fully present in the moment: tools that you can use to your benefit  in your daily life.  All classes are recorded and are accessible with your membership login.


This is a monthly live class that helps you to clear your creative energy and liberate your own intuitive creativity. We work with all levels, from beginners to advanced and professional.  All classes are recorded and are accessible with your membership login.

Digital collections of recorded meditations included in this membership:

With this membership you will have access to 4 x collections of recordings for the duration of your membership.  


Included in your membership - our Beginner's Meditation Course (digital self learning) which offers an easy introduction to meditation and energy awareness. The course offers 21 audio tracks.You can set the pace of your learning.  Enjoy and please do give us feedback!
 Detailed info here.

21 Audio tracks for beginners


This is a series of 11 recorded meditative experiences to help the listener create inner peace.  We appreciate your feedback and receive your requests (email [email protected])
Recordings vary in length and total 150 minutes.
You can find the details here.

11 Audio tracks - 2.5 hours


Included in your membership is a growing archive of valuable Inner Courtyard Journeys and Meditations recorded live in our community.  These are healing journeys, self archaeology, rewiring the mind and body and more. The Inner Courtyard members only "vault" as we sometimes call it already houses 9 hours of valuable, unique meditations and healing journeys you can enjoy as soon as you sign up.
You can find the details here.

22 Audio tracks, 9+hours


Included in your membership is our unique collection of creative meditation and visualisation for 5-11 year olds. When you join you will have access to 10 tracks, one new track added each month.  Audio tracks listening time totalling 100 minutes plus introductory tracks.
 Detailed information here.

10 Audio Tracks - 1.5 hours

A couple or family with a common vocabulary and skillset

When you join our membership you can request multiple logins for your family members. We include  bonus parents, and students who live in their own residence.  When we develop a common vocabulary within our relationships or family, it becomes easier to communicate and work together towards common goals.  The concepts of being grounded, or un-grounded, with space - or having lost one's space are easy concepts to discuss when there is a shared concept and vocabulary. Developing the self confidence that comes along with mastering the art of silence and inner listening can change a group dynamic or relationship positively and create more empathy and clearer communication.

enjoy a journey to our Inner courtyard - listen below (34 minutes)

Our library of experiences

In our day to day modern life, with so many demands on our attention it is easy to become fragmented and disconnected from our true authentic self.  We all have timeless wisdom that goes beyond this lifetime, and this body.  
Soulhouse is dedicated to holding the space and guiding those who want this experience - to a deep inner point of silence and awareness.  There you have access to your heart and soul's ancient wisdom.  That level of self knows what you are here to experience in your current present life, what you want to create, how to heal, what you want to hand on to your children or peers in the relay of love and life.
If this resonates with you, you can apply to join our Presence Training to experience your full self or become a member of The Inner Courtyard and enjoy the recorded journeys and guided meditational experiences in our archives.
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