Soulhouse offers unique online classes and training in The Soulhouse Method for Presence which combines:

– Presence Training (Meditation & Energy Awareness)
– Intuitive Energy Awareness 
- Presence for Men
- Creative Process Classes & Tools


We are a multidisciplinary school of conscious creativity, providing a safe, grounded haven and offering you a space for wellbeing, learning, self-knowledge and the development of your highest potential.  All our workshops aim to help you to gain ease in all aspects of your creativity.
Our classes help people to understand and learn about meditation, energy awareness, presence, envisioning, consciousness and purpose.

Soulhouse training aims to help you to create your own authentic path and offers you a space of co-creation, community and support. 
Move out of resistance to the self and the moment, and into powerful intentional creating.
Bring your voice to the world.

Presence Training

Presence Training teaches energy awareness through meditation in practices that connect you to your inner wisdom and to your purpose.

The 7 core principles guide students to building their inner structure, to achieve happy, aligned authentic presence and deep affinity with your body. You will connect with your inner compass and affirm your direction. This is an empowering journey in which you learn to first belong to yourself, and then to the greater picture and context, with space and strong boundaries as the foundation for achieving your life purpose.

Ideal for:
Those seeking to feel centred and at home in your body, who want to heal and rewiring your mind, body and energy field.  

Presence Training is a journey for those who want to discover their creative direction and build power in their presence, performance and communication

Intuitive Energy Awareness  & Creative Process

Intuitive Energy Awareness teaches you methods and skills to hear, trust and use your intuition confidently and consistently. You will learn about energy, what it is, how to perceive it and how to influence and work with it.

The IEA tools give you concrete energy awareness tools and skills that you can use to enhance, heal and empower your own creative process.

Intuitive Energy Awareness is taught by Francine Marie Theilen.  Francine is a highly skilled teacher with 30 years of experience teaching online, having run one of the first online energy awareness schools online successfully.  
next level creativity

Creative Intuition & Presence

Our founder discusses the purpose of Creative Intuition and how to access it.  Any kind of creative process is greatly helped and enhanced by presence, authenticity, and understanding of creative energy and an ability to transform it into aligned and effective action.
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