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Presence Training starts soon

Build a strong confident sense of self.   Power up.  
Get clear and aligned with your heart's true goals and learn how to manifest and create them.
Our signature Presence Training is coming soon.

Allow your life, your work, your business to be a joyful successful path that energizes you and brings you into authentic powerful presence.  Bring your voice to the world.

Soulhouse brings you Presence Training. Presence training helps you to deeply understand and experience all the benefits of The Power of Presence.  Our courses and workshops teach presence through meditation, energy awareness and creative flow.  Presence gives you access to your intuition, your creative momentum, positive mindset and clear focus.
Aligning your heart, your actions, thoughts with your goals - is the core of Presence Training.  We are happier and healthier in a state of authenticity.

If you know you have potential you aren't fulfilling, if you are seeking a mindset shift that will become your quantum leap - if you know there is something whispering to you for you to create - and if you want to trust your intuition more -  you've come to the right place -  join us !

Our mission is to help you clear your mind, energise, create synergy and achieve your highest potential


Learn the art of silence and inner listening through meditation and visualisation.  You can create your own happiness, connect with your heart and build a strong sense of self.

To begin you are welcome to join our online membership The Inner Courtyard
Presence Training 


We work with creatives, entrepreneurs, performers, songwriters, musicians, artists, writers, innovators and visionaries who would like to take their confidence, clarity, creativity and production to the next level.

Our unique Presence Training Method offers you 7 principles as steps to embodiment and authentic presence that speaks volumes. Presence Training is a course that will teach you tools for focusing your mind, increasing your intuition and understanding your energy.  

Our method aims to help you to move through resistance and into the flow of easy daily decision making and help increase the flow of creative energy and output. 

Presence Training will help you to connect with your heart and be certain of your next chapter of expansion, creativity, influence and presence. 

Bring your Voice to the world.
Taught by Sabrina Siobhan, founder of Soulhouse.  


Creativity and Intuition are intrinsically woven together in all creative process.   True creators and designers know that they wait for the moment of inspiration when intuition says - yes - this is it - act now.

Creativity is choosing - from an infinite array of possibilities.  We use our intuition to know when timing is right, when things are aligning and when it's time to make decisions, create from or facilitate actions.

Our Intuitive Creativity Training teaches you skills to increase your innate sense of intuition.  You will learn about energy, what it is and what creative energy is.  

This training is a game changer for anyone wishing to liberate their creativity and change their life consciously.  It is suitable for all levels of creativity from the daily to leadership, art, design - there are no limits to how you can use Intuition and Creative Energy.

Create Intuitively Easily
Taught by Francine-Marie Theilen, Head of Intuition & Energy Awareness at Soulhouse

Soulhouse Produces Events & Experiences


We produce events working with individuals and teams to clarify the experience they want to create, grow synergy, unleash creativity and build powerful presence in performance. 
Photo: Taste the Music Hear the Wine with and for Poggio Dimadis Wine & Opera makers.  Watch our film here.


Introducing our Inner Courtyard Membership - As a member you gain access to 4  live online group sessions per month and 24/7 access to 7 digital courses with MP3 audio recordings you can enjoy 24/7.  
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Student testimonial.........

I have a whole world inside myself that now I am aware of. It’s like getting a new tool to my toolbox that helps me deal with the outside world and the relations that come with it. Now I know I have an inner space that is mine and only mine.

PAOLA bENETTI copenhagen

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