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The Soulhouse Ethos
Talks & Meditations 

Listen in here if you'd like to know a little about the Soulhouse Ethos.  Here we address the questions - What is energy? Am I intuitive? What is Intuition ?  What is body awareness?  What is Soulhouse really about?  Feel free to sign up and listen, do join us on instagram and Facebook and email us your questions or feedback! This collection is ongoing, more coming soon on Presence Training and on Soulhouse Presence for Young People.  Join our Newsletter for news!
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Meditation opens up the immense and rich space of silence that exists within all of us.  Soulhouse meditations aim not to empty the mind but to help the practitioner discover their incredible natural ability to consciously create a rich inner world with space and where they have access to their power, skills, intuition, body's communication and more.  These are free talks which introduce you to the Soulhouse Ethos.
A  digital collection of talks & meditations

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