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Soulhouse Energy & Presence is a digital meditation and visualisation subscription which provides a growing series of meditations and energy awareness tools that guide you to tune into and experience your amazingly responsive and intelligent body, mind, heart energy and spirit.  We created this series in the hope of helping you to develop, heal and empower your relationship with your self, to enjoy your presence and feel absolutely home in your body.  

12 months Access
Self Paced

A course in Meditation & Energy Awareness for Beginners is included.  Please see content list below.
€300 for 12 months' unlimited access
 x €90 for 12 month's access

Meditations for body and energy awareness
Happiness and health go hand in hand.  When we ignore or override our body's communication we can cause obstruction, or stagnation.  Our bodies are remarkably responsive and sensitive.  The body mirrors our energetic state, our thoughts and our feelings.  The body has a unique language of communication, the more we tune in the more we understand.  Happiness and health stem from a body that is aligned with your heart's wisdom & desires and your souls energy & presence. 
The act of consciously traveling through the body clears places where your energy may be stuck in a past experience.  This can be very helpful for healing past experiences, creating flow and connecting with aspects of your self you may have forgotten.  Parts of yourself, your presence and your energy may be waiting for you to bring them back home to your heart.  Never underestimate your power to heal yourself.
Where your attention goes your energy flows - all meditations in Soulhouse train your ability to focus your attention.   Your attention is powerful and has the power to change, transform., unblock and move energy. If you find yourself feeling out of focus or fuzzy, don't worry - keep going, you're probably clearing energy or hitting a wall.  I hope you develop a regular practice of checking in with your body, and I hope that these meditations are helpful and healing.  

“Consciously inhabit your body, tune into your body's amazing intelligence and communication, hear your heart's wishes and wisdom, fill your life with your amazing presence"

Sabrina Siobhan, Founder of the Soulhouse School

Course Content - Audio Tracks already available

I created this series in the hope of helping you to develop, heal and empower your relationship with your self, to enjoy your presence, feel absolutely home in your body and to strengthen your sense of intuition & energy.

Sabrina Siobhan, Founder of the Soulhouse School

What's included?

When you enrolled, you receive the meditations in the contents list you see above.  Additionally we add a minimum of 30 minutes of tracks every month in various lengths.  You can as a member also send your requests for specific themes to

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Fees & Scholarship

When you enrol you can either choose an upfront payment of  €96, which gives you 12 month's access or a monthly payment of  €9 for 12 months, cancellable at any time.

For anyone who is recovering from a war experience, displaced in anyway or recovering from abuse  and would like to be enrolled tuition free - please email and you will be manually enrolled free of charge.

Skills you will gain:

You will learn:

  • To Meditate
  • To Imagine & Visualise easily
  • To sense where your energy is blocked
  • To clear your body and create flow
  • To create more space physically and emotionally
  • To have clearer boundaries
  • To breathe consciously
  • To release stress
  • To energise your body
  • To listen to your body's communication
  • A deeper level of self appreciation & self love
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Kind words from our students

I have had the pleasure to work with Sabrina for quite a few years now, and she simply shines. She is a wonderful, intuitive and inspired teacher. I truly admire the way that she creatively blends intuition and consciousness with creativity and play. For her students, the result is a space of learning that is fun, open, full of colour and life and possibility. 
Red Sage Acupuncture
Sabrina introduced me to meditation in a way where I was the protagonist of what I wanted to experience. Her guidance is purposeful, supportive and always inspiring. She believes that we are in charge of our life and that in order to fully explore our potential, we need to look within! While facing our deepest challenges, we can also become aware of our power and immense potential. Sabrina gives you many tools to work with your own energy in order to create what you never thought possible! You will be amazed to discover all your most hidden desires and you will learn how to use your own energy to work towards the life that YOU want.
I’ve had Covid twice, first in December 2020 and again in July 2022.  Since December 2020 I suffered from vertigo and dizziness.  No medication helped. I was getting desperate and wondered if my brain had been irrevocably damaged by Covid.  I tried Soulhouse’s recording - guided meditation for the Face Neck and Head from the Body Awareness/Self Healing Series.  From the first meditation the vertigo and dizziness disappeared completely.  I recommend this meditation as highly worth a try for anyone suffering from similar symptoms, it gave me immediate relief.  Thank you Soulhouse! 

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