a series of guided meditative experiences

The Inner Peace Series
Beginners - all levels

A collection of meditations that aim to help you create and experience inner peace.  I hope that they will be of benefit to you!  
Made with love by me, Sabrina Siobhan xx
Self paced
6 months access

Audio Files (MP3)
*11 tracks
*totalling 15o minutes
Accessible from smart phone or computer

€ 65

Meditation opens up the immense and rich space of silence that exists within all of us.  Soulhouse meditations aim not to empty the mind but to help the practitioner discover their incredible natural ability to consciously create a rich inner world with space and where they have access to their energy, power, skills, intuition, body's communication and more.  
A self paced digital course

How this works

When you enrol in this course, you will receive an email with your login.  You will have unlimited access to 11 meditation tracks of different lengths totalling 150 minutes for 6 months. To enter your digital meditation room you can always find the sign in option in the menu on this website. 
With love and good wishes,
Sabrina Siobhan 
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This series was created by Sabrina Siobhan for The Soulhouse School.  Read more about Sabrina on our team page.

Course Lessons

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