a beginner's course in meditation & energy awareness

Meditation & Energy Awareness 
A beginners course

Concepts, experiences and guided meditations which introduce you to the practice of meditation, presence and energy awareness.  You will experience your ability to tune in and create positive change in your experiences, and learns tools and techniques for creating a mindful state and positive mindset.

You can buy this course as a stand alone course or as part of our online membership - The Inner Courtyard.
Starting date
Self Paced -
12 month's access

Audio Files (MP3)
Accessible from smart phone or computer

€100 - 12 months access
3 x €45
Meditation opens up the immense and rich space of silence that exists within all of us.  Soulhouse meditations aim not to empty the mind but to help the practitioner discover their incredible natural ability to consciously create a rich inner world with space and where they have access to their power, skills, intuition, body's communication and more.  Creating health and wellness, is easy once you have learnt to slip easily into your own authentic core.

Cultivating the habit of  Positive Thinking

How you use your mind affects your body directly, we know that negative or stressful thoughts create a physical stress response in the body that is measurable.  Conversely when you think positive thoughts, and learn how to raise your vibration you can create a positive physical and emotional response within your mind, emotions and body.  

Feeling what your body needs

Your body is incredibly intelligent, complex and responsive.  When we tune in and learn to hear it's response, our bodies communicate very well.  Often our health questions can be answered by simply staying in close communication with our bodies.  With practice we learn to trust our own intuition and signals.

Awareness of Energy in Nature 

Natural energy, light, colour, sound, and more is all around us.  We can increase our ability to receive and understand energy by simply learning to focus our awareness.  Raising our level of self love and generosity to ourself helps us to absorb and receive more easily.  Your cells are listening and responding to your thoughts.

Creating Inner Peace and Space Easily

Space is abstract to the mind and body and yet very real.  Knowing how to breathe consciously helps all systems in the body to flow well and opens up a sense of emotional and mental space that is invaluable on many levels. Tuning into how your breathing is flowing gives you an excellent indicator for understanding your state in specific dynamics.
A self paced digital course

Meditation for Beginners

When you enroll in this course, you will receive an email offering you a login.  You will have access to the audio recordings from your smartphone or computer. This collection is designed to help people to build their skills for focusing and tuning inwards.  The fee for 12 months is €120  or 3 instalments of €45

All people whose lives are affected by war and displacement are welcome to have this course for free, please send me an email tp team@soulhouseschool.com and we will manually enrol you.  With love and good wishes,
The Soulhouse Team
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