Intuitive Creativity

We offer online sessions which offer tools for creative flow via meditation and visualisation.  These sessions will help you to get into your own creative zone and enjoy the process.

No matter what your creative field is you will benefit from Intuitive Creativity.  Sessions include Meditation and exercises designed to unblock your creative energy and generate action and productivity. 

Each session is 45 minutes long, and all sessions are recorded.  You will have access to all recordings. Join us to enjoy your own imagination, ideas and rich inner world.

You can subscribe to this as a stand alone course or via the Inner Courtyard membership which offers you 3 live sessions per month. More info below.

3 x €110 Installments
Included in The Inner Courtyard Membership

Access to class recordings for 1 year
Access to 10 live classes

Sessions will be led by Francine Marie Theilen.  Francine is an exhibiting Artist, Printmaker, Writer, Bookmaker and Master Energy Awareness Teacher.  She ran her own online Academy successfully for 10 years and has 30 years of experience teaching creative process, meditation, 1:1 coaching and more!  We are delighted she will be leading Intuitive Creativity.


Intuitive Creativity classes are on the first Tuesday of the month.
Add the dates to your calendar HERE.

Our classes run all year, except for the month of August and public holidays. You will have access to recordings 24/7 all year.

Intuitive Creativity

Time: 8-8:45pm Paris time / 7-7:45pm UK time

If you join the Inner Courtyard Membership you and your partner will will also be able to attend the following:

Embody for Women

Second Thursday of the month 11-11:45am  Paris time 

Presence Workshops - 60 minute Class

Third Sunday of the month 8:30-9:30 pm Paris time 

Presence for Men

Fourth Monday of the month 9-9:45 pm Paris time 
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