Tools for Building Presence
The Presence Workshops

Our Presence Workshops combines Meditation, Visualisation, Body Awareness & Energy Consciousness in a unique way to inhabit the present moment fully.

The Soulhouse Method teaches meditation and presence in its own unique way.  You will never be asked to empty your mind or stop thinking.  Our visualisation techniques help you to fill up with your own energy, to clear your mind and space of inner chatter and to tap into your innate intuition.  The Presence Workshops are suitable for all levels.
Live online
10 Live classes in 12 months

Includes 12 months access to digital recordings and resources

Start any time, live classes are on the 3rd Sunday of every month except August.
Time: 8:30-9:30pm (Paris)


 4 installments x  €110

Clear your mind, travel inwards and fill up with your presence.  A rich inner world and intuitive voice awaits you.
Enjoy The Presence Workshops and more in our membership:
If you would like more monthly classes, you can join our membership and gain access to The Presence Workshops and 3 more monthly classes to support you and add to your toolbox.

What's included?

Course Structure

  • Online: 10 x 60 minute classes
  • Coursework: 8 x 60 minutes - optional 
  • 12 months' access to recordings

    You can chose to join our membership - The Inner Courtyard and receive these workshops with 3 more monthly live sessions which will support you in your journey.  Please see above for details.


Third Sunday of every month
Starts May 2024 
8:30-9:30pm Paris time

Online Classroom

You will receive a zoom link which will easily guide you to our online classroom


All classes and practices will be recorded and made available to you for 12 months.

“Your clear presence speaks volumes.  Just becoming present is a game changer"

Sabrina Siobhan, Founder of the Soulhouse School

“Rewire your mind and body and come fully into the present moment. Connect with your heart, find your answers easily, build powerful presence"

Sabrina Siobhan, Founder of the Soulhouse School


The Presence Workshops - Schedule

Every 3rd Sunday of the month except August.

8:30-9:30pm (CET) Paris time

Kind words from our students

Soulhouse and Sabrina Rohbock have developed an incredible methodology for working with our body's intelligence and energy field to not only help us live a more fulfilling life, but to help us bring out our creativity, find life's purpose, and transform our reality.
Imbody Wellness
Recently I did one of Sabrina’s amazing live workshops in Rio. At the time I was creatively stuck and the process involving movement and meditation allowed me to work through my inner challenges in a supportive and inspiring environment. I have already now seen changes in my creative ideas and connection to new insights. Thanks again and I look forward to future workshops!

Artist, Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist
Working with Sabrina and in the process of doing Presence Training has already impacted my life in countless ways, personally and professionally.  It’s helped me find my voice in a literal sense since I started singing again after a 17-year gap, and writing again, even publishing short stories. From a business perspective, I get better feedback from my clients and I attract more interesting people wanting to collaborate with me. I recently had a group of students telling me I had changed their lives. I think it’s because, thanks to Presence Training, I am starting experience the power of creativity in all aspects of my life and helping others to be more creative too. I can’t wait to continue this journey with Soulhouse !

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