The Inner Courtyard Archives

This is our collection of Inner Courtyard live sessions and interactive workshops recorded live with our members.  This collection is only accessible to members of our Inner Courtyard community.

The collection offers twenty two 20-35 minute transformative and educational journeys and experiences in audio format MP3 - totalling 9 hours (550 minutes)

Our journeys are unique combinations of energy work, self healing, journeying.  

You will enjoy the archaeology of the self, uncovering your deeper and possibly hidden layers, bringing your forgotten energy and knowledge to your consciousness and present day life.

Presence is always the goal - on the micro and the in the macro levels.  We aim to help our members and students develop a wide, authentic sense of self and context, to have a deeper, wider and contextual sense of self.  Know why you are here, enjoy your full presence and layers of wisdom, bring your voice to the world, enjoy your own energy.  Join The Inner Courtyard Membership to have access to this collection.
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Travel to your centre and experience your heart's timeless wisdom, tune into your authentic truth, be fully present and create your future in The Soulhouse Inner Courtyard. 

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Inner Courtyard Archives

In our day to day modern life, with so many demands on our attention it is easy to become fragmented and disconnected from our true authentic self.  We are all beings with timeless wisdom that goes beyond this lifetime, and this body.  Soulhouse is dedicated to holding the space and guiding those who want this ability - to a deep inner point of silence and awareness.  There you have access to your heart and soul's ancient wisdom.  Your ancient self knows what you are here to experience in your current present life, what you want to create, what you want to hand on to your children or peers in the relay of love and life.  If this resonates with you join our inner courtyard or our presence training and have experiences of layers of yourself waiting to be heard and experienced.  
We "vault" this experience and collection because we reserve the right to choose who is allowed to enter our space.
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