To have the confidence to create your path, you need an unshakeable sense of self and the courage to create freely.

Soulhouse for young people

In today’s digital world, our young people’s attention is constantly solicited, and directed out into a 'cyber-universe', and it is more important than ever to build an authentic sense of self, and to feel whole and home in the body in the present moment. 

Soulhouse is a modern school dedicated to personal development and self-knowledge through presence training and creative action. Our mission is for integrity, conscious awareness, personal purpose and creative confidence to become essential, fundamental subjects within education at all levels.

For students

  • Presence Training
  • Digital library of resources
  • Breaking through limits mentorship

For parents

  • Presence Training
  • Live / Online workshops
  • Interactive Talks

For teachers

  • Presence Training
  • Digital Resources 
  • Interactive Talks
Intuition is the key to everything, in painting, film making, business – everything. I think you could have an intellectual ability, but if you can sharpen your intuition, which they say is emotion and intellect joining together, then a knowingness occurs.

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The Secret to Creative Flow

Presence and Creative Intuition leads to successful design and innovation.  

The Power of Presence

Our Presence Training for teachers gives teachers, counsellors, and coaches not only empowering inner peace, focused energy, confidence building and self-development for the participant but also a skillset that can be directly applied in the moment with pupils. Digital Resources are available to support teachers for personal use, and for using the class room and insitu with students.

Presence and Path

The Power of Presence aims to build real self confidence and facilitate young people in creating their path with certainty.  Presence and Path helps students dive deep and find their voice and message. It is offered live online as a course in a group. It can be implemented in School Curriculum with specific areas of focus. Presence and Path can be delivered as a 7 step process, or as a one day workshop.

Entrepreneurs & Future Thinkers

Soulhouse Future Thinkers combines Presence Training with Envisioning and The Creative Arts. We bring the tools of Mindfulness, Energy Awareness, Envisioning Training to Innovative Process. Soulhouse Future Thinkers is a foundational course for future Performers, Creatives, Designers, Innovators & Entrepreneurs.

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founder of soulhouse

Sabrina Siobhan

Sabrina Siobhan brings her expertise as an artist, architect, envisioner and more to Soulhouse for young adults.  Bringing consciousness to creative process, leadership and presence is her passion.  She is the founder of The Soulhouse School, to know more about her please visit our team page.

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