Creative Presence

A unique creative process workshop with Marcella del Signore and Sabrina Siobhan

  • Breakthrough your walls
  • Power up your Presence
  • Connect with possibility
  • Flow, create, liberate your process
Connection, inspiration and conscious choice are the answers to doubting your path and looking for the next right decision.  Join us to expand and deepen your Creative Process -  break though the walls of self doubt, access unlimited ideascreate flow and recharge your Creative Spirit.

Creative Presence

The workshop aims to immerse the participants in a journey to explore processes and methods to access the Infinite Field of Creative Possibilities to bring into the physical plane forms of expressions. Starting from accessing the physical and emotional body, the participants will be taken through four meditations and four associated creative practices related to BODY, EPHEMERAL qualities, SPACE and TIME to be synthesized into a cohesive creation. The method will guide the participants to liberate creative blocks, open to the ever-present creative flow that resides in your higher self, develop intuition and creative presence and stimulate creative flow.  We address the question:

Where do you come from... and where are you going?

This is a workshop taught by Marcella & Sabrina, who bring a wealth of experience to you from the design world, the art world, performance and consciousness and much more. Makers and creators, their process will help you to break through any walls and get to your next creative level in no time.  We offer this workshop live anywhere on the globe to young adults and adults in any creative field.  

Interdisciplinary Collaboration 
We collaborate with creative directors or teachers across all creative disciplines and cultures.

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The workshop Creative Presence  combines tools from the worlds of conceptual design, architecture, urbanism, installation art, envisioning and consciousness for breaking through limits, idea generation, concept building and creative design development.  

Creative Presence Workshops Rio de Janeiro

Learn how to connect with the quantum field of  pure possibility
Become aware of where you are blocked or in resistance to connection and flow
Break through your own limits, connect with your own true presence and expression
creative presence is created by Marcella del Signore & Sabrina Siobhan rohbock

Creative Presence 

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Marcella Del Signore

Marcella Del Signore is an architect, urbanist, educator, scholar, and the principal of X-Topia, a design-research practice that explores the intersection of architecture and urbanism with technology and the public, social & cultural realm. She is an associate professor and director of the Master of Science in Architecture, Urban and Regional Design at The New York Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture and Design. Marcella is also an internationally recognised prize-winning installation artist on the interior and urban scale. In her younger years, she was trained within the Odin Theatre in Orvieto, gaining years of experience in highly physical, silent performance.
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Sabrina Siobhan

Sabrina Siobhan is the founder and Creative Director of Soulhouse, she has a background as an artist, designer, architect, energy awareness teacher and founder of Soulhouse. Having worked on all scales in the built environment, she turned her building skills to the building of Soulhouse, mastering the art of envisioning, idea generation, energy awareness, and the creation of synergy and fusion. She has a passion for creativity, in particular cross disciplinary, international collaboration. She has lived in and worked in London, Rio, Copenhagen and France. She brings her experience as an educator, leader, creative process facilitator and energy awareness teacher to Creative Presence.
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