The Inner Courtyard Membership

Join our private community to commit to your wellbeing and stay connected to your inner world.

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The Inner Courtyard Membership
The Inner Courtyard is our online membership community which offers live meditation sessions, energy awareness practices and self paced learning.  All sessions are invaluable to staying present, clearing your mind and body, and powering up your energy.  

Membership includes:
  • *on average  3 monthly guided meditations live online (30minute sessions) (offered in two timezones)  
  • 1 meditation & energy awareness healing workshop per month (60 minutes)
  • A digital library of rotating meditations with unlimited access

Alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays :
Tuesdays 2:30-3 pm CET (Paris) / 8:30-9 am EST (USA)
Thursdays 8:30-9 pm CET (Paris) / 2:30-3 pm EST (USA)
Your first month is free!

Special Launch offers running till May 2022:
  • €380 - annually 
  • €40 - monthly 
  • Team packages 

live sessions run for minimum 44 weeks annually - scheduled to be uploaded shortly)
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*Whilst our core collection of meditations remains available to you, themes for live sessions rotate bringing fresh content to you every month.
**The Soulhouse Core Collection includes the following series:
  • Meditation for Living
  • Inner Peace
  • Abundance Practices
  • Body Consciousness Series
  • Energy Awareness Series

Develop your Inner World

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Benefits of The Inner Courtyard Membership

Learn how to Meditate

You will learn easily how to meditate, and how to develop the way that is best for you. Our practices help to develop the habit of a positive outlook.

Improved Mood

You will learn to understand, perceive and manage your energy. You will develop a practice of choosing your vibration consciously and positively.

Connect with your Intuition

You will develop the ability to tune in and listen to your heart's wisdom and your intuition's intelligence so you can make good aligned decisions.
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