Soulhouse Energy & Presence for the Family

The Soulhouse Parent and Child subscription offers experiences for adults and children which can be enjoyed both separately and together.  This subscription offers multiple logins so all members of your family can access our collection from their devices.  Upon purchase please send us an email with your family members' names and emails and we will send you their login details (grandparents, bonus parents included).  
This is a bundle that includes adults', teenagers' and children's visualisations, meditations, energy awareness tools, abundance mindset and creative manifesting.
New experiences, worksheets and audio tracks are added every month.
Members gain access to live online classes listed below.

Benefits of this subscription

Building a common Vocabulary

By using our material, the family will easily and naturally develop a common vocabulary for energy, emotions, creativity and authentic communication.  All our audio experiences acknowledge the whole authentic being that is in process of becoming present.

Prioritising Holistic Wellbeing

The Soulhouse Ethos encompasses the whole being, authentic purpose, passion and the ability to create a path and life you love.  Every audio guides the listener in the direction of becoming more and more present and vibrant, filled with positive energy and self awareness.

Making Space for Dreams & Visions

The Soulhouse method trains and expands the power of the imagination.  Our visualisations hone your ability to create a vision you would like to manifest - both individually and as a family.  When everyone is in agreement, your energy will be aligned and your vision will be easier to manifest.


All courses and digital tracks will be available to you 24h/7 from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet.  You can access our digital products from a smartphone, desk top computer, tablet and laptop.  Please respect our intellectual ownership by keeping your login for your sole use only.

Family Logins

When you subscribe you will be able to create one login with your email and password creation.  You are welcome to email [email protected] and request logins for your family members.  Grandparents, Bonus parents, students living in their own households ar all welcome.  We trust you to act with integrity.

Payment / Cancellation

You will have 5 days free trail, after which you will be invited to subscribe.  You can cancel month by month.  We are a small and personal team, please stay in contact with us if you have any queries or feedback, email us at [email protected]

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