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The Inner Courtyard Gold Membership

Soulhouse Inner Courtyard Gold Membership gives you unlimited access to our all encompassing collection of audio tracks, tools, self learning courses and workshops, 1 live class per month and 6 interactive talks/workshops annualy.

Digital collection includes meditation courses, guided meditation for daily practice, energy awareness tools, experiences for unblocking creative energy, self healing and more.  

The Inner Courtyard Gold Membership includes a course for beginners and tracks which range from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners. This collection also includes a small but growing collection of audio experiences  for children from the ages of 5 years old, teens.  We offer 3 days free trial, after which you can choose to subscribe, and have the option cancel from month to month.  
Enjoy ! 

The Soulhouse Gold Inner Courtyard Membership includes:

Your subscription includes:
  • All the courses listed (click on each individually to see content)
  • One live monthly live class with a Soulhouse teacher -schedule below
  • 6 interactive workshops annually see list below

One live session per month

Your Gold Inner Courtyard Subscription includes 1 live session per month on Sundays with a teacher .  A moment to connect, you will learn skills, practice, have the opportunity to replenish your energy in a validating environment. Please see our schedule below.


3rd Sunday of the Month

All sessions will be recorded and made available to you in your digital collection.

3rd Sunday of the month*
8 pm UK/GMT
9 pm CET/Paris (this is the reference time)
4pm RIO (Please double check)
3 pm EST/USA

*For those who would like to chat with our community or ask the teacher/guide any questions, you are welcome to show up 10 minutes before the session begins, the zoom class will be open.
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Six live interactive workshops in 2023

Sundays (Please check your timezone below)
60-90 minutes depending on the moment

May 7th
The Mechanics of Being Present
What is Energy? An interactive talk and workshop about - why and how we can be fully present.  If we are scattered - how do we assemble ourselves in the present moment? What is our presence, what does it have to do with our creativity and how we manifest experience?  This was a wonderful session, thank you to those who attended!  You will find material on this subject in Presence Training - our first principle is - Assemble yourself in the Present moment - Be Here and Now.

June 4th
Building a Rock Solid Foundation 
We will be exploring the second principle of Soulhouse's core curriculum - the components of a fluid yet solid foundation, how to be grounded and have an unshakeable sense of self - especially/even through transitions,challenging situations, and more. Sign up here.

July 2nd
Effortless Creation - Flow, Imagination & Intuition - 
This is a talk for all, about creation from the feminine perspective.  Imagination and Intuition are levels of intelligence linked to inspiration which we all possess - but how seriously are we talking them and are we attempting to control them from another centre of our brain? Sign up here

September 10th
Attraction, Relationships, Showing up and Being Seen 
Our sense of self is a vibrational, energetic communication to the world around us and absolutely informs those around us how to interact with us.  Manifesting change in relationships and how we attract begins with looking at our emotional and energetic self - here we can transform, heal and uncover keys to creating positive change. Sign up here

October 1st
Shining your Light Uncovering a Deeper Layer of Purpose
Usually what our hearts desired as children gets more or less buried beneath practical consideration, reality and the expectations of others.  Social norms though helpful can also block the freedom to be who we really are.  Join us for this talk about remembering - allowing the heart and body to remind you of a deeper driving value or purpose to your life. Sign up here  

December 3rd
Abundance - An Energetic Mindset and Value Shift
Abundance is so much to do with what we value, and what we allow ourselves to focus on.  Is the glass half full ? and are we allowing ourselves to be offered more, are we allowing the door to life and its possibilities to be open.  Are we ready to love ourselves enough to allow co-creation and next level change? Sign up here

Recordings or not:

Subject matter from our interactive workshops, though excluding participant conversation, may be recorded and made available to you in your digital collection.  As classes are created in the moment with participants responding we do not guarantee the sharing of every workshop in order to protect and respect the privacy of our community.  We will do our best to share material that may be of service.

7-8/8:30pm UK/GMT
8-9/9:30pm CET/Paris
2-3/3:30pm EST/USA
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Access from any device

Access your content easily from your phone or computer and in a few weeks with our upcoming app.  Content rotates monthly so you will always have both our permanent collection and new tracks on the month's theme.  Below you will find a sample of one of the tracks from our collection.
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